Scanning Fiche

From: R. Stricklin <>
Date: Sun Dec 6 22:57:06 1998

On Mon, 7 Dec 1998, Andrew Davie wrote:

> I guess the more scans you do, the better resolution you can obtain. Yes,
> its tedious - but should work.

It works. I wrote software a year or so ago to improve the quality of
images captured from an NTSC source (like from a video camera). It works
this way, and is best for neutralizing colour artifacts, although it also
improves the general picture quality a fair amount in doing so.

Basically for a still, live source, you can oversample a video "frame" a
number of times and since the colour artifacting is essentially random,
by compositing them you can eventually get an output image that converges
to clean.

I did this so to facilitate photographic inventorying of my collection. I
didn't relish the thought of developing and scanning hundreds of
photographs. Currently it only works for SGI-format .rgb images, as this
is what is produced by the tools I use. If somebody else thinks this could
actually be a wortwhile piece of software I could be persuaded to extend
it to work on .tiff or other image formats and distribute it.

My big problem is it makes the optical flaws in the lens and CCD of my Hi8
camera all too apparent. (:

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