Linux Q's

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Mon Dec 7 14:05:29 1998

> Just to refresh my memory on Linux since I'm just now getting into
> looking at it, just exactly what machines work well with it, and with
> what versions/vareities for each? I have tons of machines from IBM 5170
> AT's, PS/2's of all sorts, other 286 and 386 machines, etc and I'm
> looking at possibly selling off the useful ones that will use Linux as
> cheap as I can to get some room to walk around here.
> Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

The easiest stuff to get Linux up on are standard AT or PCI bus
386(minimum) or higher machines. Microchanel can be done.
(I did a PS/2 model 80 and 8590 at IBM -- but they required mixing
just the right hardware pieces).

My clone 386SX/25 ran Linux (SLS 0.99.13 through Slackware -->1.2) with
no problems. FreeBSD also worked with all the non-microchanel stuff.

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