Compaq SLT/286

From: Richard A. Hall <>
Date: Mon Dec 7 14:35:15 1998

I verified, using the diagnostics on the setup disk, that the modem is on com
2 and irq 3. The modem works flawlessly if I use setup to cause the modem to
be on at startup. If the modem is set to "off" at startup nothing but the
diagnostics program will turn it on. Procomm Plus locks up in this condition.
I suspect that there was originally a program called "modem" or something
similar. A command line like "modem on" was probably required. The diagnostics
program, however, is able to wake the modem up for testing.
Richard Hall

On Mon, 07 Dec 1998 13:32:16 -0600, you wrote:

>Did you try Com1, Com2, Com3, Com4? There is a serial port int he machine as well and
>you may accidentally set them both to the same port as well. Take a deep breath and
>look back over the config info with the setup disk. You may also have a DOA modem,
>that's a slight chance.
>Richard A. Hall wrote:
>> No go Russ, I tried the ATA both from Dos and from Procomm Plus. I also tries
>> "+++" to no avail. Any other Ideas?
>> On Sat, 05 Dec 1998 22:00:58 -0600, you wrote:
>> >You may try sending the string ECHO ATA >COMx (x is the comport number) at the
>> >DOS prompt to see if it wakes up and makes a hellacious scream (that will quit in
>> >a few seconds). If so then the modem will stay asleep until an intialization
>> >string is sent to it.
>> >
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