OT HP vectra networking

From: Max Eskin <kurtkilg_at_geocities.com>
Date: Mon Dec 7 16:04:52 1998

That's the way it is with most inexpensive home micros (I think the
Commodore has one of the more complicated ways of doing it, since you need
to know the drive ID). Most of them are truly out-of-the box. And then
modern engineers came upon a working idea and decided to update it in such a
way that it uses all that power new computers have more effectively. You
know, I was impressed today that an MS Draw image that opened instantly for
me to modify in a Word 2.0 document on a 386 took about 30 seconds in Word
97 on a Pentium-200.
>disk in drive and turn power on. Instant boot. USB? Pfeh!

I dearly hope this doesn't stay this way. Why is it that one of the biggest
headline-makers in computers, Linux, is 30 years old? And why can't they
finally get object-oriented systems right? They've been trying to for
decades, and there still isn't a good version of OLE/OpenDoc that is
_really_ versatile. Flame away.
>Everything new in the computer realm was invented long ago. Engineers
>just re-discover good designs. Heck, the mouse turns 30 this week!
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