Classic Micro Music (was RE: ebay Altair Music Record)

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Mon Dec 7 19:14:59 1998

At 07:55 PM 12/7/98 -0500, Allison wrote:
>The whole of it is Malcom Wright's _Alphanumeric music with Amplitude
>control_ C1975 article. I have a copy of this and have done mucic with
>it and voicing was possible.

This was a good article, however I believe the definitive followup was Hal
Chamberlins article in Byte on using the 6502 to generate music. He
expanded that into a book called "Musical Applications of Microprocessors"
(published in 1981, 1985 (see its on-topic!)) This book coveres *ALL* the
techniques people used to generate music on micros. (I almost bought a
KIM-1 because of this, but got most working on my Z80)

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