FW: BIG VAXen available

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_my-dejanews.com>
Date: Mon Dec 7 21:23:27 1998

CLASSICCMP folk and Dan B.,

        I found this on Usenet. Any takers? You'd need LOTS of room and
(probably) lots of power, but this could be a neat addition to any
collection. Read on...

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From: "Kent Rankin" <kentrankin_at_theatreorgans.com>
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Subject: What is a VAX 8350 fully loaded worth?
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    A friend of mine has a VAX 8350 that he picked up recently. It's
a large setup, to say the least. I was wondering if someone could tell me
what I should get(at least) for it for him, and what I could get for it.
Here's what it has:

        VAX 8350 with 2 processors
        SA482 Storage array loaded with 3 RA82(6.22MB) drives
        A giant 200amp power conditioner that looks just like the VAX
        A TU81-Plus Tape drive
        Two DMB32-M things. I think that they are multiplexors
                    Anyone know about them?
        Two LA120 printers. One DA model, and one AA model.
        A LA75 printer
        A VT420 terminal(JA model)
        Five DECServer200/DL Terminal Servers. Anyone know what
                    the DL stands for?

    I think that is all that is included, but I could be wrong. I'm
notreally sure as to what cards are in it(besides the TU81 Plus'

    The box has absolutely TONS of packages from DEC on it with the
licenses. The manuals are all there, and many of them have extras that
shrinkrapped. Many spare parts for the machine are new, and in DEC boxes,
still wrapped. There are boxes and boxes of new manuals, to give you an

    The machine was on maintenance until September of 1998. Plus, as an
added bonus, it has the whole Y2k support package.
I do know that all of the packages are very recent versions, and that
OpenVMS 7.0 is loaded on it.

    It was used(until upgraded) with MANY terminals running off of it for
basic business uses, and for calculating the lights(andtheir positions)
needed in a stadium, and is in perfect condition.

    Anyhow, anyone have any ideas on the pricing? Perhaps a good outlet
me to sell it?

                                                Thanks in advance,
                                                Kent Rankin

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