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From: Barry A. Watzman <>
Date: Mon Dec 7 22:19:50 1998

Back in the 70's, there was an individual who sold indexes to the various computer magazines (in hard copy format, and perhaps on Disk). I bought it and have a copy of it somewhere, but there is very little chance that I could now find it.

The later issues, starting sometime in the 80's, are indexed in Computer Library, a $1,000 per year Ziff-Davis service on a monthly CD-ROM (in fact, not only are they indexed, but I believe that the text of the entire magazine is included in the service)(yes, I know that ZD is a competitor of McGraw Hill, which publishes Byte, but Computer Library has competing publications).

But this didn't start until the late 80's.

Barry Watzman

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On Mon, 7 Dec 1998, Richard A. Cini, Jr. wrote:

> and then an index to the Byte Magazines that I have.

Oh boy. I've had a back-burner BYTE index project that I moved forward by
almost a millimeter last weekend. How far along are you on putting
together an index?

If you, or anybody else, wants to collaborate on a project like this,
there's already several thousand BYTE's that have been indexed in BibTex
format. I plan (OK, hope) to automate entry and searching of this and
similar indices. Currently the coverage of material of interest to this
group (like early BYTEs) is pretty thin.

Check out Nelson H. F. Beebe's web site for a sense of what's been done
so far:

-- Doug
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