HP Vectra networking (26 days OT)

From: Ken Marshall <kmar_at_lle.rochester.edu>
Date: Tue Dec 8 16:37:44 1998

At 06:56 PM 12/8/98 +0000, you wrote:
>> I also have HP-IL here, but that's used to interface a gas chromatograph
>> /mass spectrometer to a HP 9000 series workstation. I know of others here
>> that have used HP-IL for other HP systems, but I've never seen it on HP
>HP-IL is somewhat unconventional for that. HPIB (similar to GPIB or
>IEEE488) is much more common for linking up test gear, etc.

Many of HP's late 70's and 80's analytical instrumentation used HP-IL
extensively to control instruments and sampling accessories, such as
autosamplers. Indeed, the connection to the 9000 series for the GC part of
the system is to the system HP-IB bus via a 82169A HP-IL to HP-IB
interface. The mass spectrometer itself is directly connected to the HP-IB
bus. Newer HP analytical equipment generally uses only HP-IB .


>I don't know if an HP150 counts as an HP PC (HP seemed to think so in the
>manuals), but I have a card in mine with a parallel port and an HP-IL
>port on it. I also have software to make the HP-150 emulate an HP-IL disk
>drive so I can save files from my calculators.
>HP-IL is more common on HP calculators, like the HP75, HP71 and HP41 series.
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