Altair Collectors Association

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue Dec 8 19:42:28 1998

< > After reading some of the sentiments posted recently, what I'm
< > hearing is that the price of Altair's is a bubble without
< > underlying value, that is, they may be somewhat rare but aren't
< > really great machines, like a Ferarri or whatever, and that
< > the BASIC software for it wasn't very innovative.
< That's basically my view.

Same here. Historically important but generally poor design.

I'd say machines like the NorthStar Horizon, CCS 2xxx series and
CompuPro systems did more to put systems in business and other non
hobby applications. I have several old enough to vote and they still
run well.

< > Also the Altair was a very open hardware platform, you had
< > the schematics, you got the educational experience of

No one would have bought it without! Assembling it would have been far
harder too!
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