From: John Amirault <>
Date: Tue Dec 8 20:26:09 1998

  I will boot the computer tomorrow and write down the errors. As far as the SCSI
cards go I think I can still get a few _at_ PC Enterprises in Belmar, N.J.

 I just want to get the CDROM working, doesn't matter to me if I have any disks to
use now as I will try to find some DOS based CD's, I hope they exist. wrote:

> a PCjr version of a scsi card? if so, that's certainly a rarity! there wont be
> much you can do with a cdrom on a jr unless you're reading your own cds. what
> kind of write errors are you getting? have you tried clean booting using F5?
> partition size <32meg?
> In a message dated 12/7/98 10:25:44 PM EST, writes:
> << > I have one of the old IBM Edsels and I am currently trying to get the
> > TMC850jr SCSI card I have to get a CDROM to work on it. Can anyone give me
> > any
> > clues as to how to do this? Can it be done at all?
> >
> > I also have the combo cartridge V3.0 in this machine and upgraded the
> > harddrive from DOS 5.0 to DOS 6.22 and now I keep getting write errors when
> > I
> > try to install programs onto the harddrive. Any help here?
> >
> > Thanks everyone.
> >
> > John Amirault >>
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