Altair Collectors Association

From: cswiger <>
Date: Tue Dec 8 20:48:59 1998

On Tue, 8 Dec 1998, Tony Duell wrote:

> >
> > After reading some of the sentiments posted recently, what I'm
> > hearing is that the price of Altair's is a bubble without
> > underlying value, that is, they may be somewhat rare but aren't
> That's basically my view.

Also, forgot to add - the subject 'Altair Collectors Association' is
a little take off on the radio group 'Collins Collector Association'
except that Collins gear is expensive, but darn good radios.

> > actually building and usually repairing it; the more
> Sure. But there were other build-it-yourself machines that have not
> attracted the prices of the Altair. Things like the 'Hewart Mini 6800'.
> or the 'PE CHAMP'. Or the various Elektor computers. Or the Science of
> Cambridge MK14 (although that one is somewhat expensive now). Or the
> Nascom. All came as kits. Most of them are a few 10s of dollars

Well, it may just be a case of marketing in a popular journal, but
NONE of the above appeared on my radar screen as a curious teenager
in nowhere West Virginia, USA at that time.

Points well taken.

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