VAX 8350 in Houston,Texas.

From: Geoff Roberts <>
Date: Wed Dec 9 01:32:35 1998

Saw this in comp.os.vms
I'd take it myself, but I'd have to mortgage the Town Hall to pay the
Anyone want a VERY well equipped, complete, older Vax, with loads of parts
and docs etc?

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From: Kent Rankin <>
Newsgroups: comp.os.vms
Date: Tuesday, 8 December 1998 18:01
Subject: What is a VAX 8350 fully loaded worth?

> A friend of mine has a VAX 8350 that he picked up recently. It's quite
>a large setup, to say the least. I was wondering if someone could tell me
>what I should get(at least) for it for him, and what I could get for it.
>Here's what it has:
> VAX 8350 with 2 processors
> SA482 Storage array loaded with 3 RA82(6.22MB) drives
That's a typo I think, they are 622Mb each. And 64KG!
> A giant 200amp power conditioner that looks just like the VAX
> A TU81-Plus Tape drive
> Two DMB32-M things. I think that they are multiplexors
> Anyone know about them?
> Two LA120 printers. One DA model, and one AA model.
> A LA75 printer
> A VT420 terminal(JA model)
> Five DECServer200/DL Terminal Servers. Anyone know what
> the DL stands for?
> I think that is all that is included, but I could be wrong. I'm
>notreally sure as to what cards are in it(besides the TU81 Plus'
> The box has absolutely TONS of packages from DEC on it with the
>licenses. The manuals are all there, and many of them have extras that are
>shrinkrapped. Many spare parts for the machine are new, and in DEC boxes,
>still wrapped. There are boxes and boxes of new manuals, to give you an
> The machine was on maintenance until September of 1998. Plus, as an
>added bonus, it has the whole Y2k support package.
>I do know that all of the packages are very recent versions, and that
>OpenVMS 7.0 is loaded on it.
> It was used(until upgraded) with MANY terminals running off of it for
>basic business uses, and for calculating the lights(andtheir positions)
>needed in a stadium, and is in perfect condition.
> Anyhow, anyone have any ideas on the pricing? Perhaps a good outlet
>me to sell it?
> Thanks in advance,
> Kent Rankin


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