Kaypro 2X questions

From: Phil Clayton <handyman_at_sprintmail.com>
Date: Tue Dec 8 19:34:34 1998

Russ Blakeman wrote:

> Just got an IMMACULATE Kaypro 2X machine, with all the original disks.
> It doesn't have the keyboard cable though, but I imagine it will use the
> same type as most terminal keyboards that have modular phone type
> connectors? The port on back is clearly marked keyboard so no big deal
> there.
> Also on back is another modular, a little bigger but unmarked. Is this
> possibly a modem or what else could it be?
> Anyone have any manuals for the actual machine they want to sell, trade
> or copy?

Yes just use a modular phone cord that will work. The other jack is a modem.

The 2X is the same model as the original 2 with the exception of double side
double density drives.. Also improved Green Phosphor screen, slow decay
(Nice tracers when typing fast)..
Does your computer have a dark charcol gray case and keyboard ?, Kaypro also
made 2X with the same case as the original II, Light Gray & powder blue with
the exception of the full height drives ...
I own a Kaypro II, 2X, 4, 10, 16...
Also have some extra manuals so email me privatly and see what I can do..

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