Need an IBM 9309-2 Rack Enclosure

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Wed Dec 9 10:10:06 1998

Hi gang, I need your help in finding something.

Some of you know I rescued an IBM 9370 system from my now-ex employer in
mid-'97. It is considered as a small mainframe; a CMOS version of the
S/370. I could only fit the racked components into the old house back then,
not the two rather large rack enclosures (too wide and deep and weighed
over 139 kg or 300+ pounds). Also, I certainly could not keep the 500+
pound 3262-5 printer! So, I had to scrap those large items.

At that time, I carefully stacked the DASD (disk drives) upon a sturdy
wooden crate and made a hefty roll-around pallet for the previously
rack-mounted 9375-60 Processor (weighs 132 kg or just over 290 pounds.) The
9347 tape drive was set upon the 9375-60. I cabled everything up and set to
getting it IPL'd. The system uses a PS/2 Model 30 (8086) as the System
Console and IPL device. Some sort of failure occured at IPL that I could
not debug so I let it set as we got rather busy looking for, buying, fixing
up and ultimately moving into this house.

It looks like I will be able to just squeeze a 9309-2 rack down through the
basement door and stairway in this new house. Therefore, I'm looking for a
single IBM 9309 Model 2 rack enclosure. Should be empty. I already have a
Power Control Compartment, operator panel and wiring I salvaged from the
old racks. A six or ten inch stabilizer (anti-tipover stabilizer) would
also be desired.

The catch is that it should be sort of nearby my hometown in Western NY
State. Shipping would be too costly otherwise. I'm unemployed up to now and
should save my severance pay for real bills and more remodeling of this
house. See sig below for location. However, I can pay for gas money and
meals for anyone who rolls one into their pickup truck and hauls it out
here! :-)

You see, I have what is understood as being Serial Number One of the 9370
production release. My employer bought the first 9370 available when we
upgraded our data processing system in 1987 from the old Hewlett-Packard
HP250-30 system (which is also in my collection!).

Now that we have a house in which a Model 2 rack enclosure should just fit
into the basement door and stairs, I want to give the 9375-60 processor,
9347 tape drive and several 9332-400 DASD's a decent place to live as it is
a bit historically significant being system S/N 1.

These 9309 racks were used not just for 9370's but for other IBM machines
such as the early AS/400's and other systems and/or their mass storage
devices, so they should be around. More and more of these old systems are
being taken out of service and usually junked nowadays.

Let me know if you hear of or have any 9309-2 racks!! Or even the shorter
9309-1 racks (need two of 'em then.)

Thanks so much for the help!

Sincerely, Chris
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