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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Dec 9 12:31:04 1998

> >> low. Try it - or read the MCA HOWTO (cheating). If you take

> >Reading the HOWTOs is not cheating. It's the best thing that the
> >free software movement come out with since the CopyLeft. (Linux
> >documentation -- the Networking materials especially -- is better
> >than anything I've ever gotten from vendors, and helped me get
> >"commercial" software working despite tech support's best efforts).

> I've got to agree there. I've been doing Linux since January of '92, and
> even then after a only about three months it had better documentation that
> OpenBSD has now! The Linux HOWTOs are awsome!

Of course the HOWTOs are a great thing - but they are still
written documentation - and reading manuals is cheating.

Althrough I have to admit that I found them also _very_ usefull.


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