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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Dec 9 13:36:14 1998

> ::First of all I would compare the C64 to the Volkswagen -
> ::Already low end and overpriced when the production started,
> ::outdated way before any production record and still sold
> ::when _any_ other computer available was already better.

> HEY!

> The 64 beat all contenders with the SID chip, and the VIC-II was definitely
> par with the other computers out there with the possible exception of the
> Atari 8-bits (ANTIC still has an edge with that wonderful display list). And
> the price plummeted quickly -- it didn't stay at US$595 MSRP very long.


Shure, par at the time it was introduced, but I said
'still sold when _any_ other computer available was already better'
Or would you realy take a C64 above any lets say Amiga ?
And even when new, the hardware of competitors (like the
mentioned Ataris) where at least equal and the '''OS'''
didn't match the Hardware at all.

And for the price, it took more than a year to get the
C64 down to 600 Mark (the price of an Atari).


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