RT-11 v2.0 manual set question

From: Aaron Christopher Finney <A_Finney_at_wfi-inc.com>
Date: Wed Dec 9 19:34:23 1998


Thanks to the generous loan of three big binders full of RT-11 v2 manuals,
I now have 20 megs of tiff images that might be of interest to others as
well. Three questions:

1) Is anyone aware of the current copyright status of these documents? Can
I give copies of such old manuals (1976) without worrying about possible
legal implications?

2) Depending on a favorable reply to question #1, would it benefit anyone
to have these available on-line? I currently have them broken
into chapters, anywhere from 600k to 4megs each (8.5"x11"_at_300dpi, BW)

3) If we got this far and they're going to be available over the internet,
does anyone have any requests to make specific formats available? I could
also make PDF and PostScript versions, or even make a wild attempt at
OCRing them (thought that would destroy tables/graphics)...

Aaron C. Finney Systems Administrator WFI Incorporated
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