Latest Project: homebrew paper tape reader

From: Richard A. Cini, Jr. <>
Date: Wed Dec 9 19:15:55 1998

Well, another project to further divide my free time...

    I saw a project in one of my old Bytes for a hand-pulled paper tape
reader. Very simple - 9 photodiodes, a light, a latch, a pulse-stretcher,
and some guide posts.

    Well, here's the parts I have lying around: a BasicStamp-II, two R/C
servos modified for constant running, a few switches, and photodiodes.

    If I get this thing working over the Christmas holiday, I'll post a
construction article.

    Any recommendations for rubber pinch rollers? I'm thinking rubber
stoppers from a plumbing supply shop. These are pre-drilled and come with a
washer, bolt, and wing nut.

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