Latest Project: homebrew paper tape reader

From: Geoff Roberts <>
Date: Wed Dec 9 20:31:36 1998

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Date: Thursday, 10 December 1998 13:38
Subject: Latest Project: homebrew paper tape reader

>Well, another project to further divide my free time...
> I saw a project in one of my old Bytes for a hand-pulled paper tape
>reader. Very simple - 9 photodiodes, a light, a latch, a pulse-stretcher,
>and some guide posts.

Hmmm, any chance you could post/email the circuit and article? Might be
able to help.

> Well, here's the parts I have lying around: a BasicStamp-II, two R/C
>servos modified for constant running, a few switches, and photodiodes.
> If I get this thing working over the Christmas holiday, I'll post a
>construction article.
> Any recommendations for rubber pinch rollers? I'm thinking rubber
>stoppers from a plumbing supply shop. These are pre-drilled and come with a
>washer, bolt, and wing nut.

How about some VHS VCR Pinch Rollers. They'd be around the right size. In
fact, might not some of the tape path components be used to make it a
motorised version? A repairer probably has a swag of used ones that have
gone a bit concave or slick to be any good in a VCR, but probably just fine
for what you want.
You might also ask around the ham radio community, lots of Siemens
teleprinters have tape facilities. Baudot of course, but some of the
transport might be useful. You might even get lucky and find something that
handles ascii tape. Some later machines, like the SAGEM certainly had it as
an option. RTTY has pretty much gone computer these days, so you might find
there are lots laying about gathering dust.


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