Up for grabs: Unusual video cable

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Date: Wed Dec 9 22:51:28 1998

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>Subject: Up for grabs: Unusual video cable
>>Still finding more junk ^H^H^H^H er, ah, treasures. Found this video cable
>>but I have no idea what it's for. It looks like a 13W3 cable for a Sun
>>computer but only has the three co-axial connectors in the plug and no
>>pins. The plug is the same size as a DB-15. The other end of the cable has
>>the usual three BNC connectors for a RGB monitor.
>Sounds a bit like a Digital Vaxstation monitor cable. Does it have a part
>no on it and/or a |d|i|g|i|t|a|l| logo?
  No, that would have been too easy. The name on it is "Advanced
Interconnect", there are a couple of numbers on it "6247661-P001" and
"PAM3W3P 9032".

>>Send beer money plus
>>postage and this wonderfull treasure will be your's.
>I think the postage to Oz might be prohibitive, or I would.

   I'd settle for some of that good Aussie beer :-) :-) :-) :-)

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