Tek 31 was Re: "Single instance" machines

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Wed Dec 9 23:20:16 1998

At 09:50 PM 12/9/98 -0500, Christian wrote:

>>You _have_ a Tek 31? Wow! I've heard of it (and the similar 21), but
>>never seen one.
>Probably will *never* find any more tape cartidges for it so I can't write
>programs and save 'em and otherwise have fun with it :(

   What do the tapes for it look like? I wonder if they're the same as the
ones fo the 4051? My 4051 manual says that they're standard DC 300 tapes.
I got one tape with the machine. I have no idea how hard DC 300s are to
find anymore.

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