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Date: Thu Dec 10 00:04:28 1998

Hi Sam and all,
At 12:53 PM 12/8/98 -0800, you wrote:

>> Reading through this stuff, I'm reminded that I don't have copies of the
>> earlier PCC stuff or any of the earlier club newsletters. Photocopy
>> trades, anyone?
>I need copies of the PCC newsletter and volume 1 of the Homebrew Computer
>Club newsletter (I have Vol 2- the end).

How long did HBCC go? I have Volume 2, No 1 with Bill G's open letter and
many after. Maybe The Vol. 2 No 1 will fetch a good price to go with some
microsoft employee's Altair :-). Am sure I have some earlier ones (1975)

Speaking of "Single instance" things, what about documentation? (Not too
much with commercial HW yet..) I have the 4 issues of the Scelbi newsletter,
looks like they were printed on an asr 33, like a lot of their stuff. Also
have now the 10 issues of "Computer Hobbyist". Anyone have any of the
"Amateur Computer Society" newsletters?

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