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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Thu Dec 10 05:56:30 1998

> ::And for the price, it took more than a year to get the
> ::C64 down to 600 Mark (the price of an Atari).

> In the States, it took less than a year. The 64 was introduced at Winter CES
> 1982, according to my data, and during 1983 (probably no more than six months
> later) dropped to US$199 MSRP -- street sales were even lower.

Maybe Germans are just more willingly victims of blood sucking ...
At the start a C64 with floppy and CRT wasa about 2200 Mark,
while an Apple ][+ compatible computer with dual drives cost
only 1600 Mark ... But the people bought the C64 ... The slice
sales practice of commodore was just better ...

Slice sales means 'You just needs a C64 at 1100 Mark and
Tape at 100 Mark and use your TV set - so it's only 1200
Mark, compared to 1600 for a dual floppy Apple clone' and
the people did belive ... I'm still mad about this. I had
to go thru this with a collegue of mine - a veritable /370
programmer and Hardwar technican, but instead of buying
a clone, he did go for the C64 ... Only the computer and
the Tape ... haha ... it took only 2 month until he bought
a floppy ... and only some more weeks for the CRT ... and
no software available at this time, hile I had zillions
(ok, lets say some 300) of disks.


Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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