Type list (was: single instance machines)

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Thu Dec 10 07:57:54 1998

> I guess prototype 2650 S100 machines / cards qualify? There must be a lot
> of homebrew "single instance" machines lying around. Here's one I'm
> particularly fond of...
> http://www.comcen.com.au/~adavie/weird/s100.html
> This machine ran CP/M on a 2650 using a software 8080 emulator written in
> 2650. Slowly!

Just tell me this is a joke ... not only a 2650 _somwhere_, but
rather a real S100 system - Geee I can't get it ... THATS great
I think this is from now on my personal favorite for the most
unusual homebrew uP system of all times. Thats just fantastic!
(BTW, it's maybe not very visible, but I had some relations
to the 2650 in the past ... my first uP :)

Of course this is a _slow_slow_slow_ thing when emulating a
8080 - I guess it runns like a 100 kHz 8080 :))

I know, the idea is not new, but I still think it's worth to do:
What about a list of all systems 'known to exist' i.e. a list
of all machines that are 'alive'. THe question about singularity
comes up every half year, so this list could help. If there is
some interest, I will volunteere to compile this list.


Der Kopf ist auch nur ein Auswuchs wie der kleine Zeh.
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