NCR tower Re: "Single instance" machines

From: Julian Richardson <>
Date: Thu Dec 10 08:30:27 1998

>>>>- NCR UNIX Tower. Don't know yet.
>>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>I have the 68010 version of this, *and* I have the OS install tape!
>>>You are one of two people I know who has NCR hardware!
>> There's several of them at the computer scrapper's place here. Can you
>>send a list of model numbers that you're interested in and I'll check on
>>these. I did open one and look at it. It was a BIG tower case that slid
>>out on rails. It had an Intel CPU, a 486-33 I think. There are several more
>>there that are in tall slim tower cases but I didn't look at them.

I don't think they ever developed the Tower series, or related OS to run
with Intel CPUs. Unisys also released machines using the same hardware,
but with different model numbers.

I have a Tower 750 (I can't remember the NCR 'official' model numbel for
this), with a couple of 380MB Maxtor SCSI disks in it, 150MB SCSI tape
drive, 16 terminal ports ( I don't have any breakout boxes
unfortunately), 10Mbps ethernet, 39MB memory (that's 32MB of
user-accessible memory, 7MB of ECC / parity code - those memory boards
should keep running forever :)

I've got X-Windows (release 4 I think it was) for the machine - they
appear to be pretty quick boxes from what I remember (due to no free
space I haven't used the thing in the last two years - it failed to
power up last time I tried, so I need to do some work on it sometime)

Get hold of ethernet cards if you can, apparently they aren't that
common. Also SCSI controllers - I get the impression that MFM boards
were used most of the time rather than SCSI, it being a more expensive
technology back then. I'm missing the one most valuable resource for my
Tower - the OS tapes!

Any questions, just ask - I may be able to help, and should have a few
bits of info lying around for these beasts...


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