"Single instance" machines

From: Bill Sudbrink <bill_at_chipware.com>
Date: Thu Dec 10 09:55:34 1998

George Rachor wrote:
> Finally another Ohio Scientific owner....
> I have a few OSI C2's and one C4... All are diskless.
What varieties of C2? I have a C2OEM a C2NET and a C2NETB,
according to the ID plates. Whether they are still what OSI
had in mind for those configs I don't know. The C2NET was just
case, backplane and power supply when I got it, I've been adding
boards as I acquire them. I guess technically it's really a C3
now, as it has a 555 CPU in it.
I don't have a C4 in my collection. I passed on one about five
years ago. It was in pretty good shape, with most of the docs
and software, but the guy wanted $150 for it. I haven't seen one
since and I'm starting to kick myself for not taking it.
> My dream find would be an OSI C8 or a C4 Mini-floppy drive.
A C8? Doesn't ring a bell. What CPU? Was it OSI 48 pin bus?
I'll have to dig through my old Bytes. At least I can just scan
the back covers!
> I wouldn't mind eventually getting some of my software moved from tape to
> CD.
> George Rachor
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