Modem tones over television or radio

From: Grant Mitchell <>
Date: Thu Dec 10 10:23:26 1998

There was a program once, here in the UK which sent data via a flashing dot
in the bottom of the screen. You attached a little photo-sensor on the
bottom of the screen
while the show was being broadcast (similar I guess to those casio
 I'm not sure what the data rate was though, as I never made one of the
 for decoding it.

On a similar note, does anyone own one of those toys for the Captain Power
series. Apparently it picked up the "interference" pattern on the bad guy's
and allowed you to shoot it. It also, if memory serves, picked up the
laser, and would tell you if you had been shot. Anyone know of any other
good interactive TV attempts?


> From: Hans Franke <>
> To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
> Subject: Re: Modem tones over television or radio
> Date: 10 December 1998 15:36
> AFAIR the BBC did also transmit software thru teletext
> pages (in GB).
> Gruss
> hans
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> Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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