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From: George Rachor <>
Date: Thu Dec 10 11:10:31 1998

As my wife will be traveling with me I just called and without mentioning
NAR or the good Captain I got $69 per night for the both of us.


George L. Rachor
Beaverton, Oregon

On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Marvin wrote:

> Julian Richardson wrote:
> >
> > Not that I'm rather stressed out at the way the computing industry
> > blindly follows the big players round (sarcasm mode is on here, folks!)
> > - but I run up against this brick wall time after time. People high up
> > in a company see something as a risk unless they have to invest lots of
> > time and money in puchasing it and supporting it - they just don't seem
> > to feel safe if the product in question is low-cost (or free!) and runs
> > itself without any trouble, even if such "features" are rammed down
> > their throats. It's a very scary industry.
> The Halloween Papers showed one of the strategies was to attack the process
> rather than the implementation; sounds like that is what you are up against.
> And on the same topic, didn't DECUS provide free (or low cost) software
> applications? Did the same mentality apply to that, or did the letters "DEC"
> tend to give more credibility to that software?
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