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From: Don Maslin <donm_at_cts.com>
Date: Thu Dec 10 15:28:34 1998

On Thu, 10 Dec 1998, Christian Fandt wrote:

> I just checked out the newly-remodeled Salvation Army Thrift Store and
> found a nice piece: a new-in-the-box Hewlett-Packard Thinkjet model 2225B
> equiped with HP-IL interface. All accessories are there, plastic wrap
> still over the machine, battery pack there too. $15 sounded fair enough I
> think. I should go back more often. They usually had ancient PeeCee junk in
> real tough shape for way too much $$$ whenever I was there before. But now
> with the remodel, a new manager and finding this gem maybe I'll keep
> checking more often. Besides, they're only about 150 meters from our house:)
> This is great as I already have a couple of HP 75's to use it with. Or it
> could be used on a PC as I've got an HP-IL-to-HPIB converter and a PC
> IEEE488 card.
> Anybody have experience with using normal xerographic copy paper instead of
> the HP-specified Thinkjet paper? If so, how are the results?

I used to use it in a QuietJet printer - same cartridge. Worked fine!

                                                 - don
> They also had an Epson CX-20 handset coupler for $5 new in the box (plastic
> wrap still on the device). Anybody want it for the cost plus shipping? Let
> me know ASAP!
> Regards, Chris
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