Saving vs. Shipping (was: Re: "Single instance" machines, Tek 8000

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Dec 10 19:54:18 1998

Once upon a midnight dreary, Tony Duell had spoken clearly:
>> In a message dated 12/9/98 3:24:05 PM Pacific Standard Time,
>> writes:
>> >
>> > OK, anyone else here got a Tektronix 8000 microprocessor development
>> > (either the 11/03 floppy-based one or the 11/23 hard-disk based one)?
>> >
>> I have one of each that are soon to be scrap unless someone is interested.
>Please, somebody save these machines.... I mean, if they were DEC
>PDP11's, then everybody would be after them. But not Tektronix stuff for
>some reason.

I like Tex stuff (that's what my o'scope is nicknamed...) as I worked with
some early color printers from Tektronix when I worked for Electronic Data
Systems (General Motors) back in '89 / '90.

>I don't know why most people don't go after development systems. They're
>very interesting machines, almost always very well built, and they're
>still useful for working on classic machines. The In-circuit emulator
>cards for these machines could be just what you need to fix that home

I'd *love* to own it... but I have no clue how'd I'd get it shipped from
Oregon to Northern Michigan without emptying my pocketbook...

That, and a mostly full basement now; tho that's never stopped me before...

>> I can pack for shipping but they are very heavy.
>Having had to carry my pair across a building, there's no way I'd
>consider having one shipped from the States...

or across the states... that's my dilemma... :-(

Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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