Other TEK weight availiable in Portland, Oregon

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> I like Tex stuff (that's what my o'scope is nicknamed...) as I worked with
> some early color printers from Tektronix when I worked for Electronic Data
> Systems (General Motors) back in '89 / '90.
Speaking of weight are you interested in a 4692 or 4693. I had two 4691s but
they got parted out, sorry.

I posted on another thread of the dimensions and weight on the Tek 8000s.

Much lighter are a set of emulator plugs for the 7D01 Logic analyzer. I have a
8080 and a 6800 plug in, a couple others and documentation that I am
interested in selling. I also have a few Tek calibration instruments left.

I also have a couple of 4315s, 4404 & 4405 systems. I also have a rare 4113,
4125s, 4115s, some upgrades to 4128 & 4129.

For Tek Terminals I have 4105s, a 4107, 4109s, 4111s, 4207. 4208s and a 4211.

I also have mice, pads and pucks.

And I am looking for a manual on a 4096 plotter but have not found one yet.

If interested please e-mail me directly at whoagiii_at_aol.com.
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