Modem tones over television or radio

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Fri Dec 11 01:58:03 1998

Chuck wrote:
> TouchTones(tm) are used all the time in satellite feeds to cue local

Sam wrote:
> FYI, the phrase "touch tones" is not trademarked by anyone anymore. I
> don't know that it ever was, but the misconception is that it at least
> still is. It's not.

Ward wrote:
> Never was that I know of. And if it had been, we'd have heard
> something about a lawsuit.

In the United States, Touchtone was a registered trademark of AT&T. I'm
not sure when they gave it up; it may have been at the time of the
divestiture. A query of the trademark database reveals seven current
registered trademarks incorporating the word touchtone:

        Touchtone Invest
        Fidelity Touchtone Xpress
        Touchtone Xpress
        Touchtone Jobsline
        Touchtone Rentsline
        Touchtone Transportation
        Touchtone Trader

The last of these was the earliest filed, on March 26, 1992, so I think
it's a safe bet that AT&T gave up the trademark before that date.

In some countries Touchtone is still a trademark of the applicable telephone
company or agency. For example, in the UK it is a registered trademark of
British Telecommunications PLC:

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