"Single instance" machines

From: Kevan Heydon <kevan_at_heydon.org>
Date: Fri Dec 11 04:47:27 1998

On Thu, 10 Dec 1998, Tony Duell wrote:
> I am not sure what my 2 Systems are. Both are 2-rack units (floppy drives
> in one 3U subrack, cards in another. One has the 6502 CPU card, the other

Sounds similar to my System 5, although the only reason I know mine is
one of these is because that is what I was told by the Acorn employee
whose basement it was quite literaly saved from. (The next day the house
was knocked down because it was unsafe!)

They will be at least System 3's because they are the first of the line to
come with floppies.

> had the (somewhat rare) 6809 CPU.

I have a sales brochure here for the Acorn System 1,2 & 3. Inside it there
is an 'Advance Information' flyer describing the 6809 card. I quote:

"This Acorn eurocard is a plug in replacement for the 6502 CPU card for
those who wish to upgrade their system to make use of the advanced
facilities of Motorola's 8-bit glamour chip the 6809"

I do like the idea of a glamour chip:-)

> That reminds me of another machine tht needs to tbe 'jump started' from
> time to time. Does anyone else here have any Whitechapel stuff? I've got
> a working MG1 and most of a Hitech 10 (I need a case + a few chips +
> schematics for the latter).

I have an MG1 but I have never had chance to play with it yet. I guess I
will need to 'jump start' it so details of how to do this would be most

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