From: George Rachor <>
Date: Fri Dec 11 09:26:56 1998

While I don't have room for any of the Tek 8000 equipment I think I could
find room for a SOL if you need to find a home for it.


George L. Rachor
Beaverton, Oregon

On Fri, 11 Dec 1998, Bob Stek wrote:

> Paxton -
> Thanks for thinking of me. I have my hands full right now, but I'm sure
> that someone else on the list would like a SOL. (And whoever that someone
> is, contact me if you need docs or software.) And in the unlikely event that
> no one comes forward shouting, "Me! Me! Me!" then I will save it.)
> BTW, I had been meaning to get back to you about that 8" HH DSDD drive, but
> "stuff" happened... Still have one?
> Bob Stek
> Saver of Lost SOLs
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