Feeding frenzy for SOL

From: Bob Stek <bobstek_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Fri Dec 11 12:49:33 1998

Boy, will I have to be careful how I phrase things! My initial response was
to Paxton Hoag's public Classiccmp message to me that he had uncovered
another SOL (I had previously purchased one from him many months ago). My
public response was to thank him but decline, instead suggesting that any
other reader of his message or my message might be interested. I then
offered to take it if no one else was interested (can't have a SOL go to the
junkyard after all). Apparently several people are interested, some of whom
have contacted me and some of whom have contacted Paxton. So Paxton has the
SOL - contact him for details.

(Shall we have a private ClassicCmp eBay.com auction and see who will bid
the highest? {{big wicked grin}} We can then replay the messages about
everyone's collecting / buying / selling / bidding / anti-eBay / pro-market
forces / I'd-rather-give-it-a-good-home philosophies. Are we all unanimous
in our support of diverse opinions? - please raise your hands!)

However, as the last North American bastion against creeping planned
obsolescence (i.e., everything Intel has made since the 8080), as an
original SOL owner, and as a current SOL / N* owner, I am happy to share
copies of documentation and software for cost of copying plus shipping (or
trades - be aware that the SOL manual is very large, but if you can do
without the assembly instructions, it's not too bad - it does have good
schematics and a detailed theory of operation). I am still in the midst of
sorting out some recent ProcTech finds, and will keep the ClassicCmp list
updated with what I have uncovered and what is available as I find the time.
(Yes, I did find a Helios and no, I haven't hooked it up yet).

BTW, whoever said that I had "too many SOLs" ...that's an oxymoron in my
book <g> !

Bob Stek
Saver of Lost SOLs
Received on Fri Dec 11 1998 - 12:49:33 GMT

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