2650 (was:Type list (was: single instance machines))

From: Huw Davies <H.Davies_at_latrobe.edu.au>
Date: Fri Dec 11 18:11:09 1998

At 05:17 PM 11-12-98 +0001, Hans Franke wrote:

>> I seem to recall that there were commercially available 2650 S100 cards....
>Do you have more information ?
>Could this have been a down under specific thing ?

I suspect it might have been. After making the comment I spent some time
last night looking at my Byte collection to see if there were
advertisements for one there and I didn't find it. I'm now assuming that it
was Australian only (or the heat has got to me and I'm making things up -
yesterday was about 41C and today is at least that hot...). Sadly all my
old Electronics Australia and ETI magazines got "lost" during a move a
while back....

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