Annual troll for Ohio Scientific

From: Andrew Davie <>
Date: Fri Dec 11 18:41:42 1998

I have a nice homebrew C1 superboard setup, with wooden sides and a sheet
metal case. User has added a "break" switch, baud rate toggle switch,
1Mhz/2Mhz switch, some other doodads. That's what the OSI machines were all
about :) I've also got a manual or two lying around.
Also I have a bareboard superboard which has had all chips removed, so it's
obviously dead dead.
My friend has an original, almost pristine, C1P disk system which he'll
never part with. He has lots of software, too.
I know of a C1P system, boxed, for sale at around US$1000 - out of my
league, I'm afraid.

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> I have a C1P with a complete set of documentation and presale material
> including schematics. i believe i also have a bare disk
> controller board, but
> i dont know for sure. i might need some of my parts identified.
> david
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> << It has been at least 6 months so maybe it is time again.
> I'm always looking for OSI hardware. I am specifically looking
> for C4 and
> C8 machines and/or Floppy drives for such critters.
> Perhaps we could create an inventory list among us and see if we might be
> able to mix/match to build more complete systems.
> I'll start:
> I have the following:
> C2-4p Empty case
> C4p Comes up with 256 Bytes of RAM >>
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