FSOT: 3C87SX 25 and 8MB module for LTE 386s/20 or LTE LITE seri

From: jpero_at_pop.cgocable.net <(jpero_at_pop.cgocable.net)>
Date: Fri Dec 11 14:48:26 1998

Title says all.

I would like matched 70ns 4MB true parity 72pin pair for trade or
some offers for these parts. The 8MB module I paid over 50 US
for it when I got it.

I have an original box, still sealed anti-static containing
motherboard for LTE 386s/20 with -003 bios; supports both 8MB
modules for grand 16MB instead of puny 10MB. Paid 75US dollars for
it last year. Funny story to this, was looking for 386s/20 board and
owner sent wrong one! :-( )

For this board, I'd like one 70ns 16MB non parity SODIMM 36pin
actually wired like 72 pin, FPM not SDRAM. Or (preferred)
barebones 8590 or 8595 based on DX 33, DX 50 or DX2 66 any of these
with cache installed might be a problem. Condition: except for
add my own ram and HD which I can obtain anywhere else.
Shipping both ways, I pay.

You can combine all of these if you like to because both 387SX and
memory module came out of my running LTE 386s/20 that I recently
retired from working status; worn out, dark end on lamp tube and bad
keyboard was last straw so I had to shove it into retirement.
email: jpero_at_cgocable.net
Pero, Jason D.
Received on Fri Dec 11 1998 - 14:48:26 GMT

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