Help! PS 2 model P70

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Fri Dec 11 23:06:10 1998

Joe wrote:

> Russ,
> Thanks for the help but you're too slow, I already figured it out. The
> two MCA cards that I posted on the mailing list last night came out of the
> P70. I found a GOOD site at "". It has
> EVERTHING there! The regular IBM tech support website is a joke. BTW I
> got the complete sales information from IBM on disks too. Let me know if
> you want a copy of it. Which model P70s do you have? I have a 121 (386DX-20
> 8 meg RAM 170 Mb ESDI hard drive). How do you like the CPU upgrade? I'm
> considering doing that to this one but I'm not sure if I'm going to keep
> this yet. Any idea where I can get the cable for the external storage
> device? (#2716 P/N 23F2716).

Nope, never seen one either although it does seem to look a lot like an SCSI
adapter for an Apple/Mac. My wife loves the MakeIt 486 and Windows 95 on the
machine with a 120mb drive, doubled. No speed problem either but it will improve
with the addition of a ram card, just no time at present to mess with it. I've had
every version except the odd 486 version through here and sold all but the one my
wife has, and is very attached to. I take that back, I have one that needs the
screen prackets repired or replaced at the top but is great otherwise, I think
it's a 121 with a 60 or 80 mb drive. I need to sell it but might have a buyer that
gets to fix the brackets himself.

When you install a MakeIt 486, make sure you have the 387 coprocessor installed or
it shows a 486SX instead a DX since the FPU isn't there.
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