Conner Hard drives?

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Date: Sat Dec 12 10:45:36 1998

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> Subject: Conner Hard drives?

> HI:
> I have a Conner 3 1/2 inch HD CP 3044 do you know what the drive will format
> to?

Around 40MB, IDE. Use Type 17 or 820/6/17, fdisk then format.
I had several before, not bad drive and best for battery powered
portables. Lowest power useage around 3 Watts.. Closest is WD1270
for that wattage range at 270MB and very few larger drives as well.

 Aside from this, I have an HD CP3184 which I thought was
180MB which was not true! I was surprised at this and this is
somewhat nonstandard model convention for Conner.
Truly 80MB Sheesh .Another nonstandard naming is CP3111 which is
also used same logic board but formatsout to nearly 100MB.

Jason D.

> Thanks for any help.
> Ed
Pero, Jason D.
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