HP-HIL keybaord and mouse

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Sat Dec 12 19:40:50 1998


  No, I didn't see your messages about the MO drive. Did you post them on
the mailing list or send them directly to me? Here's some answers that I
gave someone else about the drive.

"At 01:32 AM 12/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>Joe wrote:
>> I have a complete 5 1/4" Sony MO drive with 7 disks, cables, Bustek
>> bus-mastering 16 bit SCSI controller, Softeware and SW manual that need a
>> home. If anyone wants it E-mail me directly. I'll sell it outright or
>> trade for somehting that I can use.
>Jerome Fine replies:
>I am mostly interested in the Sony Drive to be attached to a PDP-11??

  I don't know anything about DECs except how to operate a MV-II.

>Is it still available?


> And what city are you located in or near?

  Orlando, Florida.

>Do you have a minimum price at this point?

  I'd like to get $100 plus shipping for it.

When was the
>last time the drive worked?

  A couple of weeks ago. It's been on my PC but I haven't been using it
much in the last couple of years and it's taking up too much room on the desk.

 Does the drive read 512 Bytes/Sector?

   I don't know., The disks I have are 1024 B/S but that doesn't mean the
drive won't work with others. I would think that the B/S controlled by the
controller card and/or device driver.
>Which version are we talking about. Sony had a very early version
>SMO-D501 and later the SMO-E501?

  It's a SMO-S501-II version I dated 1990.

 Also, who made the platters?


>And what is their capacity?

  650 Mb (I think!)

 So I know which ones they are. Are they


 If so, what is the capacity of each side?

  650Mb/2 = 325 Mb.

 I presume the
>MO drive can read only one side at a time. So what is the true capacity
>of the SMO drive based on a single-sided platter?

   325 Mb
>I am not familiar with the PC host adapter? Can you describe it
>a little more. I am not very PC literate at all, so please be simple.

   It's a 16 bit ISA card. the 16 bit slot is the same as that found on the
IBM PC AT and most (or all) newer PCs. It's a bus-mastering controller. I'm
not sure I understand that part but I think it means that the CPU halts and
turns the control of the bus over to the card. The card can then send/take
data directly to/from RAM, disk drives etc without everything having to go
through the CPU. The card was made by Bus-tech. Bus-logic bought them out
but still sells the same card with the same model number under there own
name. The software I'm using is SCSI Express from Micro Design
International. BTW I should add that I bought this as a complete system.
It came from Martin Marietta when they closed their plant in Albaquerque."


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>> Joe
>I'm wondering if you ever seen my emails about the MO drive and 7
>discs that you're selling? I got no replies back from yours. My
>email once again: jpero_at_cgocable.net
>Thanks for your replies!
>email: jpero_at_cgocable.net
>Pero, Jason D.
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