DecSystem 5400 with RA90s and TK70 Available

From: Adam Fritzler <>
Date: Sat Dec 12 18:43:23 1998

On Sat, 12 Dec 1998, Jay Jaeger wrote:

> While I was at the regular weekly UW (Wisconsin) Friday surplus sale
> yesterday picking up an Intergraph Clipper system for my collection (
> working 8-) ), I noticed a DecSystem 5400 with 2 RA90 disk drives and a
> TK70 tape drive is available out there for $20, including a short rack.
> The system looks very very clean, physically. I have no room for it.
> It is not a MicroVAX, but is instead a RISC system, presumably using a MIPS
> RISC processor.

Wish I had enough to ship/get such a thing to AZ.... Someone tried to sell
me one of these locally about 8mo ago for about $800...

Nice boxes for their time. QBus version of the DECstation line of
MIPS-based machines.


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