Warped or bent floppies

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Date: Sat Dec 12 21:08:43 1998

>So, what do I do? Is it conceivable to open and remove the inner
>media from the warped sleeves?

Absolutely. With 5.25" floppies, it's not even necessary to put
them back into a sleeve before reading. With 8" floppies, which
can be substantially more floppy and harder to seat in the drive
without a sleeve, just put them in a nice known-clean sleeve.
8" DS drives will also likely get confused if you stick a naked
floppy in them, so best to find a nice clean sleeve.

> Any ideas or practical
>experience with this would be greatly appreciated.

Certainly, a common cause for "floppy won't rotate" is "the Pepsi
sydrome". A good rinse of the media in warm water will help
remove whatever soda/orange juice/kool-aid is causing the

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