ebay - Minivac 601, 1st pers. digital computer 1960s

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Sun Dec 13 16:35:46 1998

Doug Yowza wrote:
> Advertising an auction is not the same as advertising a Usenet ad, for
> example, in which the advantage goes to those who did their homework and
> legwork earlier than the others. In the auction case, you've simply
> raised the price of the item.

Doug, another thing just crossed my mind. Anyone who looks at the bid items
will see your name (assuming you are bidding on it :) ), and it would seem
like a good thing on your part to bid late, as that wouldn't give those that
want to see what you are up to any advance notice on what might be
interesting. While checking out ebay, I did notice what appeared to be a
great item (don't recall the name but it was a plastic computer) that was
auctioned in a catagory that made no sense. If I had been following you and
others, I would have found it before the auction ended and decided what to
do then. BTW, if I see someone I recognize bidding on an item, I generally
don't bid unless it is something I REALLY want.
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