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>>Hmm - it looks like they do Phase IV, SET HOST, and FAL, which I think
>>is all you need.
>>It looks like they've only done extensive testing under VMS, so it's
>>possible that some of their tools assume VMS-ism's not present under
>>RSX. But you won't know till you try!

>I've spent a good chunk of the day trying to get this working, and finally
>gave up and spent some time redoing my one VAX so it doesn't have to have
>ALL the disks online when it is used. The end result is as follows:
> VAX VMS 6.1 talks to Linux 2.0.34
> Linux 2.0.34 talks to VAX VMS 6.1
> VAX VMS 6.1 talks to RSX-11M 4.2
> RSX-11M 4.2 talks to VAX VMS 6.1
> Linux DOES NOT talk to RSX
> RSX DOES NOT talk to Linux

Let's back up just a little bit, Zane. If I understand your original
post, you want to use Linux/DECNET to move some files to and from
a RSX system, right? If so, why not just move the RSX disk to the
VMS system, MOUNT it under VMS, use DECNET between the Linux
box and the VAX, and then move the disk back to the PDP-11 when
you're done?

(Note that RSX disks larger than 512 Mbytes may not be mountable
under VMS, due to a divergence between RSX, VMS, and IAS about how
to enlarge the ODS-1 cluster factor. But disks smaller than 512
Mbytes are just plain old ODS-1 filesystems and VMS and RSX agree
about how to talk to these.)

Things are even better if the drive in question is dual ported -
that way you can have it physically attached to the VAX and the
PDP-11 at the same time (very handy for some development).

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