Anyone know what this is for?: AT&T ext SCSI drive

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Sun Dec 13 19:33:51 1998

> John,
> I think you may be right. There's a co-axial connector on the 3B2 that's
> exactly the same as the one on the drive and there's no power switch on the
> drive. I KNEW I had seen those connectors somewhere before. I have a couple
> of 3B2s but I don't have any docs for them and I've never fired them up.
> The drive has the standard Amphenol SCSI connector. There's no connector
> like that on the 3B2 only a couple of uunmarked ribbon cable connectors.
> Does the drive connect to one of them or is there a card for the 3B2 that
> has a SCSI port? If it does connect to one of the ribbon cable connectors,
> do you have a diagram of the cable so I could make one?
> Joe

There's a SCSI card for the 3b2 series... I think the 3b2600 was the
first machine that built in the scsi as standard... The 400 and 310
all used MFM drives standard but had a SCSI option...

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