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> There is only one place where an 8008 should end up. In a circuit that
> needs one. Like the frontpanel controller of my 11/34. Like the control
> logic board of my Beehive. Like a Scelbi. Or a dozen more machines.

Personally I agree with you.

> If they all get turned into jewellery, where they're going to get ruined
> by static, then where do us computer collectors get our spares from?

Don't worry, they won't all be made into jewelry.
> There are already some chips that are _very_ difficult to find. The Intel
> 8271 disk controller (used in older Acorn machines, up to and including
> the BBC). The LM379 audio amplifier (which is used in hard disks as a
> servo driver). I don't want other chips to be hard to find unnecessarily...

I would like to see a list of chips that are in short supply. I have kept many
that I wondered if there was a market.

When you work with a scrapper you go through tons and tons of circuit cards.
It is hard to tell what is valuable and what should be saved. Argueing to save
the gold chips is impossible. Almost of the chips go to scrap, gold reclaim.
Intel scraps their chips in house. They don't let them get out to the market.
It was hard to get old multibus stuff from them. We ballooned up to 16,000 Sq.
Ft. before we broke up, in good part because of arguments about what to keep
or scrap. It is hard to pay the rent on that kind of space.
> >
> > Scrap value of your 8008 is less than 25 cents. At $15 you did very well.
> I
> The gold might be worth $0.25 (actually, I doubt it). But what about the
> value to somebody who needs this chip to get an old machine running?
> > plan on starting with my gold 8080s and EPROM's, not the most collectable
> > stuff. My main interest is in doing better than scrap value. I agree
> _My_ main interest is keeping as many classics working as possible. And
> this means keeping spare parts available.

Are you willing to pay for shipping and storage. I can;t afford to anymore.

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