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From: John Foust <>
Date: Mon Dec 14 10:57:43 1998

At 06:18 PM 12/13/98 -0600, Doug Yowza wrote:
>You mean you're going after the jewelry crowd? That should be
>interesting. If I start seeing old women with big hair wearing 4004's
>around their neck, I'll be happy being able to say "I knew Paxton when he
>started this trend."

Nope, you gotta start making CPU beanie babies for people to
hang on the side of their monitors. What's the ticket.
"This beanie baby is the chip used in the Altair!" Or maybe
little dancing chips that wiggle when they hear music.
Or collector cards with pictures of chips, particularly
if you can design a game around them involving magic powers.

- John
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