"Single instance" machines

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Mon Dec 14 14:12:13 1998

> How about the Philips P2000 family? I have not seen messages about
> those machines on the list. Z80 system, 48K RAM, 16K ROM in a cart
> so it was easy to change programs, micro cassette recorder that was
> operated by the computer so no fiddling with buttons, floppy drives
> optional, video 40x24 color (viewdata/teletext character set) or
> 80x24 monochrome. Started life as a dedicated word processor, BASIC
> cart added later. There was a disk operating system that could work
> with the programs originally meant for cassette use only, and CP/M
> was available. P2000T was the 40x24 cassette version, P2000M was the
> 80x24 disk version. There also was a P2000C, which was a 'portable'
> machine like the Kaypro's, but it ran CP/M only and was not compatible
> with the P2000T/M. AFAIK they were all developed and produced in
> the Philips factories in Austria.

I have a P2000C with externam XEBEC Harddisk drive - still a
nice CP/M system, but I miss the P2000 sektop systems. I have
seen them in some magazines (CHIP) around 1980, but never got
one into my hands.


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