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From: Sam Ismail <dastar_at_ncal.verio.com>
Date: Mon Dec 14 14:48:19 1998

On Mon, 14 Dec 1998, Hans Franke wrote:

> > > > I have an EMS 5800 in my collection, Hans.
> > > You have ? You didn't show me - realy a EMS 5800 ?
> > > With Siemens label ? DId they realy reimport them
> > > to the USA ? What a joke :)
> > I got it only a few weeks ago. And yes, it is the Siemens labeled 5800 in
> > the light grey case.
> Witch model is it exactly ? Do you also have the laser printer unit ?
> EMS 5800 is the family name (and also the only name on the first
> series - the later models had also distigtive numbers on the front.

This one is labeled "Siemens 5800" on the front so I'll have to take a
closer look when I get home to find any distinguishing model numbers. I
didn't get the laser printer with it.

> > I got it from one of the engineers at Xerox PARC who
> > worked on the Star/Daybreak team.
> Wow - great - try to get documentation, info, whatever - I would
> be especialy interested in material (and stories) from 'the
> other side' - I know some stories and have some material from
> Siemens people.

Unfortunately, he didn't have any manuals for it. Equally unfortunate,
the Daybreak is a sore topic for him, probably because of what it could
have been had Xerox marketed it properly. It seems all the Xerox
engineers I have met who worked on this want to put it behind them. So
when I asked if I could call him for help he said he'd rather not have to
ever deal with them again :( I'm sure if I conbtacted him in a year or so
he might be getting just nostalgic enough to give me some pointers if I
need them.

If you check the VCF links page I have a Xerox section that has some
stories on the Star. Also check The Elixir Project link in the Computer
History Resources section:


> I realy love Viewpoint. I don't think anybody needs more PC
> at work than this system (no mater on which hardware). As I
> said earlyer around 1980 these machines (hard- and software)
> have been my impression of state of the art office (desktop)
> systems and I still can't belive the outcome.

The bay area gang just recently got another batch of these that have
ViewPoint 2.0 installed. I've got the install disks and a complete manual
set, plus tons of fonts.

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